Sagt om Will-Skill-Hill

“It implies a balanced approach—one that is more conceptual than completely based on progression. It’s a more enjoyable balance that keeps you from getting stuck in the details and obsessing them to death, and I felt it kept us open to new approaches along each step of the lesson.”

John Armstrong, PSIA-AASI International VP

“This really did get my attention because it’s so straightforward. It’s an interesting way to package all of the things that you’re trying to do in a lesson.”

Katie Ertl, Teammanager för amerikanska skidlärarna, PSIA-AASI

“It was a really great example of how to get the group bonding and motivating each other, and the instructor becomes more of a facilitator rather than a motivator himself. (…) This technique was extremely useful and yet very simple.”

Fanta and Ben, utbildar snowboardinstruktörer i New Zealand, NZSIA/SBINZ

“By letting the learning experience unfold in this way, you’ll be encouraging the session energy to develop, making students real and active participants in their own learning, and having a better time yourself as a more creative instructor.”

Gregg Davis, utbildar snowboardinstruktörer PSIA-AASI, Breckenridge, USA


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